Back online, postponed the restructure of the database.

The hard drive wasn’t big enough, I had to stop the restructuring of the database. The MySql process make a temporary copy of the table, but there wasn’t enough space left to complete it. So I will buy a new hard drive soon.

During this time, I had manually ‘block’ two positions, for those positions the moves hadn’t be generated. Once I’ll get to new hard drive, and modify the database, I’ll unblock those positions. So I could restart all services.

Please continue to suggest ideas about it, the database size / performance will always be a concern.
If you see anything strange, like a server down, and there’s no mention about it on the twitter, please warn me!
Email, chat, twitter, etc

Thank again to all.


Some news (bad and good ones)

On August 1st, my main computer/server for suicidechess had crash as you already know. Sadly, it was the 1st of each month that I took backups.

After several attempt, I wasn’t able to restore the database as it was. So I got no choice to restore the backup for the 1st of July.
That’s the saddest part, we must re-do all works of July. And I have lost all forum discussion :S

The good news now:
The opening book is back online!
Most of services (Main server, gore, azor,etc) are back online too.
My main computer (previously known as NetBombe) got replaced by a new computer (AMD Phenom II X6 1090 with 8Gb of ram) so we’ll be able to work quickly!

Project Status

The last few weeks, I work on many back-end process, and I did two updates on the main server.

The purpose of those update was to increase the stability of the main by removing some daily maintenance job that I had to do. While doing this, I decide to add a new feature that will prioritize some more important position to be compute. This is still not perfect, but for now you can already some benefice, the percentage of computed position vs the whole database size is increasing.

Probably I’ll improve this feature, in the next weeks.

And recently I have finally install a development environment for the website, to help us to work on new feature for the website without disturbing the real website.

And by the way, I’m happy we have pass the 42 millions mark ! 🙂

That’s it for now, let go back the programming…

What happen in 2009

The end of the year arrive, so it’s time to look what happen in 2009 about the suicide variant and in SuicideChess project.

When 2009 started, Azor was still in version 10, and now it’s the version 16.8 that’s currently running. Many things have improved between these versions : en-passant rule, auto-update, speed increase, better connexion’s stability and EGTB capacities. I’m impress how much azor improve this year.

About the website, end game section have appear, to help players with suicide end game. That’s not the only section being created, the blog and forum too! In the opening book section, it’s now possible to add comments about a position. And since few, it’s now possible to register / login on the website.

About the opening book, it increase a lot this year. At the start of the year, there was about 8.5 millions calculated positions in the database; at the end of the year, it will be about 37.5 millions. So 29 millions positions have been compute this year. Thanks to everyone who ran/run an azor. To give you a idea, to compute 29 millions positions on some cloud computing program like Amazon EC2, that would cost me more about 6000$.

At the begin of the year, I have complete the transfer the hosting of the website from my home computer on a real web server, host by SliceHost.

All my Java source code for my project have been release open-source this year too.

About Suicide variant in general, you have seen new computers accounts on FICS like nakshatra. And StayAlive have now a way better opening book, than before, he almost reach the 2600+ rating in suicide. The Cyanide Sandwiches tourney have been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday.

This is what I remember so far… oh what a year ! 🙂
Hoping to see what will happen in 2010.

Happy New Year all!

Technical point of SuicideChess project.

In the whole project, I use many technical things (programming language, server, API, software etc ).
It’s time to make a list of all this.

Java is the main programming language that I use in this project. Some front-end can be easily see, like Azor. But even the back-end are made in this programming language.

With my Java code, I use some open-source API, like ICTK – Internet Chess ToolKit for some few things, like the SAN. And I use Trident API for some graphics elements.

The main database is a MySql one. With some tools provide by MySql like MySql query and MySql administrator.

The Web server is hosted by Slicehost, a great hosting platform. On the web server server, Apache is installed with PHP to provide the website. All this is on a Unbuntu distro.

The development web server is host on Windows, with the software EasyPHP installed.

To generate graphics in php , I use Artichow framework.

Like most chess engine, I use Winboard (Xboard) to connect Nessegrev to FICS

To code, I use two IDE, for java I use mostly Eclipse, and for php & css & JavaScript I use Crimson Editor. To my Eclipse IDE , I have add a lot of plug-in, the list is to long to write it down.

To create static graphic, I use GIMP.

I think it’s almost all I use for this project…

A major line have been prove

This morning, a major line have been prove :
the 1.e3 c6

Since few week I was working on it, and yesterday I was working hard on it, it was near to be complete. I wanted to see it prove, but when you fall asleep in front of your computer it’s time to go to sleep. And when I wake up, the line was complete.

This line is the biggest line proved as Lost in the book of Nilatac

I’ll like to thanks again the Nilatac opening book, the wizard engine that help for some position, and all Azor owners.

A special mention to Yannos, since I think that he’s the one who complete the last part of this line!