Finally some news

Last few weeks, I didn’t program a lot, because some sickness. But now I’m back on track.

Today, I had release the version 16.6. Few changes , but nothing big. This afternoon, I found a bug in nessegrev / Azor that existed since the beginning. So a 16.7 will be release soon. Before this I have to test and make some choice like speed vs depth search.

I need to release a new update for StayAlive too, but that will be quick to do.

There’s so many things to do for suicidechess, I hope to do as much I can, before I got a real job.

I still have some future dream about suicide:
1- I wish to make a suicide engine that will merge nessegrev, with the Wizard engine. The wizard engine will provide more strategies in middle game, while nessegrev will bring his opening book, his quick way to find win path and his endgame play.
2-I wish to make a new nessegrev, that will be multi-core, to take advantage of new cpu
3-Finish a suicide applet to provide a web version of nessegrev.
4-If I got a better budget for suicidechess, I hope to remove the database of my personal computer to put it on maybe a Amazon service. This will provide a better stability and less latency, so this will help the speed of the website.
5-Provide even more services for any suiciders.

About suicide in general, I like to see that suiciders try more different opening. Recently I saw some interesting games between Amitj and Gasgo, most of them were 1.a3 opening. Even if this opening isn’t rate good on suicidechess and nilatac book, but this opening provide many nice middle game positions.

Hopefully I wish to see more high-ranked suiciders to participate to Fics suicide tourney, but I tend to agree with many of them, that 3 0 or 5 0 games are too short. Longer games are way more interesting.

Time to go back to jub-hunting…


Cyanide Sandwiches tourney is now Wednesday

I learn that today, before the tourney was Tuesday at 0400 server time. This have been changed for Wednesday at 12:00 server time.

I’m bit surprised to learn it today, because nobody told me before. But I must say, that will maybe help to get suicide players.

Last two week , the cyanide sandwiches have been aborted: not enough players.

If anyone have a suggestion at what day/time this tourney should happen, tell it ! I maybe be able to change it day/time, if it doesn’t conflict with any others scheduled tourney.

Nessegrev update

I recently made few change in nessegrev code. He’s rarely online because I have some much things to do with my CPU like generating 4 pieces EGTB with pawn.

But here a great news: soon I’ll receive a new computer and it’ll run Nessegrev almost 24h/ 7 days.

Yesterday, I ran a gauntlet tournament between Nessegrev , Sjeng and Wizard ( Free version) . 100 games Nessegrev vs Sjeng, and 100 games Nessegrev vs Wizard. The result are quite encouraging: Nessegrev won 66% of games.

I don’t have any other good suicide engine to compare Nessegrev with.

I hope to still improve Nessegrev to be able to compete against better engine.

This week tourneys result

Let start with last Saturday tourney, the SOS.
Their was 12 players in this tourney, and Gasgo was back after 5 week off. Nice to see him again. But Shochu wasn’t there, so we got a chance to win.

I finished with a 5 / 5, the 1st place! But I must confess that I was lucky in my 3rd round’s game. I was clearly in a lost position, but Gasgo ran out of time. Except that, this game was wierd; a very defensive game, without any great move.

Here the scoring board:
Nettogrof 5.0/5.0
Megdan 3.5/5.0
Houarzhon 3.5/5.0
douthy 3.0/5.0
Gasgo 3.0/5.0
waynemcdougall 2.5/3.0
jgknight 2.5/4.0
TOMOG 2.5/4.0
fridayknights 2.5/4.0
yeelee 2.0/5.0
philk 2.0/5.0
lamlam 2.0/4.0

And Tuesday it was the Cyanide Sandwiches one. This week again, there was few players. Only the minimun players to play the tourney : 4 players. And 2 of them wasn’t regular suicide chess players. So nothing to tell about.
The standing :
Nettogrof 3.0/3.0
Houarzhon 2.0/3.0
BeanCounter 1.0/3.0
RraavviI 0.0/3.0

Cyanide Sandwiches tourney : Result

This morning, the weekly Cyanide Sandwiches tourney happen on FICS. We were just few players, worst than usual. We had to start to tourney bit late to reach the minimun of 4 players 😦

Karll won this tourney ! Congrats, I’m still mystify how he beats me. I finish 2nd with 3/4.

I hope to see more suicide players next week.

Shochu won the SOS tourney, this week.

This week again, Shochu won the SOS tourney on FICS. Two week in a row for him.

I think I must pratice a litlle bit more if I want to be able to beat him. In history , I have just 2 win , 6 losses and 1 draw against him.

Congrats Shochu!!

Here the final result of the SOS tourney:

Shochu(2039) 5.0/5.0
Nettogrof(TM)(2118) 4.0/5.0
imteddy(1946) 3.0/5.0
Pulga(1750) 3.0/4.0
Houarzhon(1928) 2.0/4.0
ronsto(1617) 2.0/4.0
philk(1520) 1.5/2.0 (late-joined)

Here some news

I won the Cyanide Sandwiches tourney on FICS this morning,  but I got lucky in my last game:  A easy win, my opponent played 1.d3   but I miss my shot. I still manage to win even if I was lost.  A sad side, it’s that was just few players at this tourney (4th on start, and 1 late-joined).

Yesterday, I made few changes on the database , and some back-end application to improve the stability of Azor. Up to now, everythings seem going well.

A forum will be add to the website, you can go directly to it with this link. Tonight, I’ll add on the website two links, the forum one, and the one to go here.