Technical point of SuicideChess project.

In the whole project, I use many technical things (programming language, server, API, software etc ).
It’s time to make a list of all this.

Java is the main programming language that I use in this project. Some front-end can be easily see, like Azor. But even the back-end are made in this programming language.

With my Java code, I use some open-source API, like ICTK – Internet Chess ToolKit for some few things, like the SAN. And I use Trident API for some graphics elements.

The main database is a MySql one. With some tools provide by MySql like MySql query and MySql administrator.

The Web server is hosted by Slicehost, a great hosting platform. On the web server server, Apache is installed with PHP to provide the website. All this is on a Unbuntu distro.

The development web server is host on Windows, with the software EasyPHP installed.

To generate graphics in php , I use Artichow framework.

Like most chess engine, I use Winboard (Xboard) to connect Nessegrev to FICS

To code, I use two IDE, for java I use mostly Eclipse, and for php & css & JavaScript I use Crimson Editor. To my Eclipse IDE , I have add a lot of plug-in, the list is to long to write it down.

To create static graphic, I use GIMP.

I think it’s almost all I use for this project…


Open-source suicide chess engine

Currently, I know several suicide chess engine that have been released under open-source license.

Nilatac and Catnail have been finally release under GPL v2. At least you can now see how he’s doing his search. Unfortunately, his development is frozen since 2004. I wonder if any C programmer have made / try to use his code, maybe to release a stronger engine. You can find his source code there

Sjeng is a strong chess engine, it play Suicide, but others variants and regular chess. Variants are support up to version 11.2 . Sjeng became a commercial program sinice version 12.13. IMHO that’s bad, I wonder how strong Sjeng became after, specially in suicide variant. You can download the program and the source code there

Recently I talk about the nakshatra engine, in my How to win series. I discover after that, it’s a open-source engine. The good news is that the programmer is still working on it. His last commit was only 12 hours ago. On his site, it look like he want to support regular chess too. You can see his website there

And the last one, my own suicide chess engine, Nessegrev. Unfortunately, I think that in the current state of the source code, Nessegrev didn’t work well, still some bug in it. But I still working on it 🙂 You can take a look to the source code there

If you know any others open-source suicide engine please let me know, so I’ll be able to add them here.

Finally some news

Last few weeks, I didn’t program a lot, because some sickness. But now I’m back on track.

Today, I had release the version 16.6. Few changes , but nothing big. This afternoon, I found a bug in nessegrev / Azor that existed since the beginning. So a 16.7 will be release soon. Before this I have to test and make some choice like speed vs depth search.

I need to release a new update for StayAlive too, but that will be quick to do.

There’s so many things to do for suicidechess, I hope to do as much I can, before I got a real job.

I still have some future dream about suicide:
1- I wish to make a suicide engine that will merge nessegrev, with the Wizard engine. The wizard engine will provide more strategies in middle game, while nessegrev will bring his opening book, his quick way to find win path and his endgame play.
2-I wish to make a new nessegrev, that will be multi-core, to take advantage of new cpu
3-Finish a suicide applet to provide a web version of nessegrev.
4-If I got a better budget for suicidechess, I hope to remove the database of my personal computer to put it on maybe a Amazon service. This will provide a better stability and less latency, so this will help the speed of the website.
5-Provide even more services for any suiciders.

About suicide in general, I like to see that suiciders try more different opening. Recently I saw some interesting games between Amitj and Gasgo, most of them were 1.a3 opening. Even if this opening isn’t rate good on suicidechess and nilatac book, but this opening provide many nice middle game positions.

Hopefully I wish to see more high-ranked suiciders to participate to Fics suicide tourney, but I tend to agree with many of them, that 3 0 or 5 0 games are too short. Longer games are way more interesting.

Time to go back to jub-hunting…

Nessegrev bug, and current developpement

I know, I know, Nessegrev wasn’t online these days.

Nessegrev have a bug , in his opening book code. So sometime, he start a game , without looking in his book, so he play some lose opening.
I have to work on this, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to correct it.

This week , I work on a cool project, to help StayAlive(C). I hope to finish this project in the beginning of this week.

On my todo list, for next weeks , I have:

  • a article on HowTo set a sjeng engine on babaschess,
  • updating the SuicideViewer
  • adding user comments in the opening book
  • Finish / test the 4 piece endgame table
  • finding a real job… (if I want to have money to able to stay alive)
  • Nessegrev 24h/7

    Yep, you don’t dream. Nessegrev is back online, and I’ll stay online 24h/7.

    For those who want to download Nessegrev, to play against or to organize some Engine vs Engine tourney you can download it Here.(The link will be add in the download section soon)
    For your information, Nessegrev need to connect to Internet for his opening book. Nessegrev took about 500Mb of Ram to run.

    Currently I use 4 computers to run all project:

  • Web Server to host the website
  • A computer who run Nessegrev
  • a database and the server (who communicate with all azors)
  • a development server, mainly for testing
  • I wondering, what next to you want to see add on ?

    Nessegrev update

    I recently made few change in nessegrev code. He’s rarely online because I have some much things to do with my CPU like generating 4 pieces EGTB with pawn.

    But here a great news: soon I’ll receive a new computer and it’ll run Nessegrev almost 24h/ 7 days.

    Yesterday, I ran a gauntlet tournament between Nessegrev , Sjeng and Wizard ( Free version) . 100 games Nessegrev vs Sjeng, and 100 games Nessegrev vs Wizard. The result are quite encouraging: Nessegrev won 66% of games.

    I don’t have any other good suicide engine to compare Nessegrev with.

    I hope to still improve Nessegrev to be able to compete against better engine.

    So many news: Here we go

    I’ll try to get this simple:

    1- Nessegrev work fine, and recently it plays better then a sjeng engine! Hooray. I need to improve a little bit his opening book, then it’ll be the better suicide engine on FICS. Recently it’s not online very often because I need CPU power to generate the endgame table.

    2- Azor, version 16.2, it’s stable and work very well, if my server didn’t crash. Still need few update, but nothing big.

    3- Recently, I restart to work on the SuicideViewer. So many things to do and to correct before I’ll be able to release a new version. SuicideViewer was my first Java project after college. Since my programming skill greatly improve, so when I look back to SuicideViewer’s code, I see many things to correct.

    4- Endgame table: Currently, I’m still generating the 4 pieces egtb. Everything goes fine, but this need a lot of CPU power. Hopefully, all 4 pieces egtb will be done in the next month. During this time, a new section will appear on the website, to let user to check endgame position.

    5- A screen saver, comming soon. I made some breaktrought in programming a screensaver. The goal: provide a cute screensaver, for those you want to help us by computing some opening position but didn’t want to run an azor all day.

    I’ll want to thanks everyone who run an Azor, that help a lot the opening section !