Project Status

The last few weeks, I work on many back-end process, and I did two updates on the main server.

The purpose of those update was to increase the stability of the main by removing some daily maintenance job that I had to do. While doing this, I decide to add a new feature that will prioritize some more important position to be compute. This is still not perfect, but for now you can already some benefice, the percentage of computed position vs the whole database size is increasing.

Probably I’ll improve this feature, in the next weeks.

And recently I have finally install a development environment for the website, to help us to work on new feature for the website without disturbing the real website.

And by the way, I’m happy we have pass the 42 millions mark ! 🙂

That’s it for now, let go back the programming…


34 millions mark have been reach !

Tonight, we have reach the mark of 34 millions positions have been calculated in the opening book.

Even if the opening book is the largest, we still have some lines that they are known as lost that they are incomplete in our book.

Amount all of them there’s 3 major one :
1.e3 c6 proved lost by Nilatac program by Catalin Francu and by the engine ascp program by Angrim.
1.h3 proved lost by ascp .
1.b4 proved lost by ascp too.

For the last two, the proof isn’t available on the net, so it’ll be bit harder to check / complete it.

I still working on the first one, I hope to complete it soon.

Thanks to anyone who run or ran an Azor. To give you a idea, the mark that we have reach, on a single computer would take about 5 years to reach.