Back online, postponed the restructure of the database.

The hard drive wasn’t big enough, I had to stop the restructuring of the database. The MySql process make a temporary copy of the table, but there wasn’t enough space left to complete it. So I will buy a new hard drive soon.

During this time, I had manually ‘block’ two positions, for those positions the moves hadn’t be generated. Once I’ll get to new hard drive, and modify the database, I’ll unblock those positions. So I could restart all services.

Please continue to suggest ideas about it, the database size / performance will always be a concern.
If you see anything strange, like a server down, and there’s no mention about it on the twitter, please warn me!
Email, chat, twitter, etc

Thank again to all.


Restructuring the database

Since Sunday, I’m restructuring the database. The problem that appear Sunday is a position with a longer FEN than what the database could accept. About a year and half, and I analyzed the database to look at the longer FEN, it was 57 characters long. In a goal to reduce the size of the database, I reduce the length of the column to 60 characters long. Sunday, a position with a FEN of 61 characters long appear, causing a lot problems.

Right now I’m changing the length of the column, and but it takes much longer time than what I thought. Neca had prove me that even in the suicide variant it’s possible to reach the longest length for a FEN (71 characters).

The process will produce a bigger database, and I wonder if the current hard drive will be big enough. If not I will buy a new one. Currently it’s a 500 Gb.

I hope to solve the issue as soon as possible, don’t be afraid to ask for news by email or chat or twitter.

*I’m not counting the color in the FEN length, it’s keep in a separate column in the database.