Major milestone reached: 100 millions positions.

This weekend, we have reached the 100 millions milestone! Thanks to all of you who have help in a way or another.

To give you a idea, it’s about 25x the size of nilatac’s one. Currently it took about 3 seconds to compute a position. So this means that a lot of CPU time have been give to this project, but the results can be use by all.

For now, just my own suicide chess engine use it, hoping to put them back online soon.

I know that recently I didn’t add new features or update azor, I wish to be able to pass more time on it,but for now it’s hard. Hopefully it’ll be better this summer.


Several milestones reach at the same time

Today, it’s a special day…

First, in the opening book, there’s now more than 300 millions positions, and 45 millions of them have been calculated !! This is amazing, I often see check those number growing, but when I start to thinking to it: « This is huge! ». Again I will like to thanks anyone you run a Azor, suggest improvement, etc !

Second, 15% of all positions have been calculated. What this means? It’s means that we are moving closer to solve suicide chess. We are still very far, but at least we are moving in the good way.

Third, the suicide computer account StayAlive on FICS have reach the rating of 2600+. I didn’t program the engine itself, but since I had program some improvement for him, I’m proud to see his rating raising like this !

And fourth, it’s my birthday…

Already reach the 40M cap? Yes !!

This morning, the opening book section have reached the cap of 40 millions calculated positions! I can’t believe that arrived so fast.

To be exact, we have reach it at 09:23:09 on the 14th January 2010.

The Azor who have calculated the 40th millions position is:
ID: 284365074
Computed in only 52 millisecond, because it’s a Lost position, even human can « see » it.
mode by WorkComputer from Yannos !

I’ll like to thanks again everyone involved in this project! This kind of news give me a motivation boost

What happen in 2009

The end of the year arrive, so it’s time to look what happen in 2009 about the suicide variant and in SuicideChess project.

When 2009 started, Azor was still in version 10, and now it’s the version 16.8 that’s currently running. Many things have improved between these versions : en-passant rule, auto-update, speed increase, better connexion’s stability and EGTB capacities. I’m impress how much azor improve this year.

About the website, end game section have appear, to help players with suicide end game. That’s not the only section being created, the blog and forum too! In the opening book section, it’s now possible to add comments about a position. And since few, it’s now possible to register / login on the website.

About the opening book, it increase a lot this year. At the start of the year, there was about 8.5 millions calculated positions in the database; at the end of the year, it will be about 37.5 millions. So 29 millions positions have been compute this year. Thanks to everyone who ran/run an azor. To give you a idea, to compute 29 millions positions on some cloud computing program like Amazon EC2, that would cost me more about 6000$.

At the begin of the year, I have complete the transfer the hosting of the website from my home computer on a real web server, host by SliceHost.

All my Java source code for my project have been release open-source this year too.

About Suicide variant in general, you have seen new computers accounts on FICS like nakshatra. And StayAlive have now a way better opening book, than before, he almost reach the 2600+ rating in suicide. The Cyanide Sandwiches tourney have been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday.

This is what I remember so far… oh what a year ! 🙂
Hoping to see what will happen in 2010.

Happy New Year all!

Technical point of SuicideChess project. (part 2 : Database)

I have two database, one is for the forum, and one for any suicide related thing.

The forum database was auto-generate via some script when I installed S.M.F forum.

About the suicide one, let start with some stats to start:
There’s about 530 queries / seconds on this database , this is just a average.
The size of database is currently 98.8 Gb (increasing each seconds).
More than half of billions rows in it.

In this database, there’s two principal table:
Move and GameTree

The Move table record the move ID ,FEN, SAN , score , status (« Not calculated », »Compute in proceed », »Done ») , priority and some other technical fields to provide some info for Gore server.

The GameTree table is quite simple, it’s a many-to-many table , from Move table. This provide all moves possibles after a move.
Let give a example: if the move 1.e3 was ID =1 , and the move 1… c4 was ID = 24. In the GameTree, we will find a row like this : 1 , 24

Beside those two table, I have a table that record the result of all Azor analysis, the Calculate one. I keep info like: which Azor analyze this move, which version of Azor it was, time taken , when it have been analyze. I usually keep only the last month in it, this table is use to generate some stats in the Stats section. When the data is more than a month old, I transfer them in a historical table. I keep them for future bug-hunting, cheater research, etc

I have a Version table, that keep info about version of Azor. This table is read when Azor check if your Azor version is the current one. So when I need to do an Azor update, I just need to add a new row in it, and Azor will be auto-update.

I have a Username table, it keep only a id number and the name that users have provided in the config file. It help to provide some stats by users.

I have a main statistical table that keep info to provide the bottom graphic in the Stats section.

Two other tables exist even if now most user can’t use it, it’s the FavoritePosition and MoveComments one. You may have seen already some move comments. Soon it will be able to add comments to any registered users (via the forum).

I didn’t give the exact name of table , field of database , mainly of security reasons. But like you may have seem , I didn’t keep any informations, even the ip address of azor aren’t keep. Because my goal wasn’t to collect personnal info , it just to provide the largest opening-book database.

About queries made most of them are made for Azors and Gore server. In the 24 hours about 150 000 moves have been analyze by Azors, for each of them. There’s some queries to select a high priority move info. After the Azor analysis, there’s a update on move to update the score value and his status and a row is added in the Calculation table. After that, it’s Gore turn, he made a select to retrieve any move with status « Done » and the move doesn’t have any child. Gore create possible child move according to suicide rules, check with a select if the move already exist in the database,: if not, he insert a new move in the table move , and a new row in GameTree table to link those move. If the move already exist, he simply add a row in GameTree table to link the move analyzed by Azor, with his already existed child.

In average in suicide each positions have about 11 possibles move to do. So about 5 queries for Azor, and about 34 queries for Gore server for each analysis made by a Azor.
So of all 150000 move analyze by Azor, there’s about 5.8 millions queries made to the database.
And when all childs of a move are analyzed, the score of the move is update too, and so on.

Others important queries are those made by the website when an user visit the opening book, stats section.

A major line have been prove

This morning, a major line have been prove :
the 1.e3 c6

Since few week I was working on it, and yesterday I was working hard on it, it was near to be complete. I wanted to see it prove, but when you fall asleep in front of your computer it’s time to go to sleep. And when I wake up, the line was complete.

This line is the biggest line proved as Lost in the book of Nilatac

I’ll like to thanks again the Nilatac opening book, the wizard engine that help for some position, and all Azor owners.

A special mention to Yannos, since I think that he’s the one who complete the last part of this line!

34 millions mark have been reach !

Tonight, we have reach the mark of 34 millions positions have been calculated in the opening book.

Even if the opening book is the largest, we still have some lines that they are known as lost that they are incomplete in our book.

Amount all of them there’s 3 major one :
1.e3 c6 proved lost by Nilatac program by Catalin Francu and by the engine ascp program by Angrim.
1.h3 proved lost by ascp .
1.b4 proved lost by ascp too.

For the last two, the proof isn’t available on the net, so it’ll be bit harder to check / complete it.

I still working on the first one, I hope to complete it soon.

Thanks to anyone who run or ran an Azor. To give you a idea, the mark that we have reach, on a single computer would take about 5 years to reach.