How to win against (part4)

Today, it’s Nilatac turn.

Nilatac is a strong suicide chess engine, it’s the big brother of Catnail(cover in part 2).

I prefer to tell you right now:
« It’s very tough to beat him, you will need a lot of practice« .

Nilatac have a big opening book, that you can explore on his website. When I mean big, I mean more than 4 millions different lines. Just to compare Sjeng engine have only 25 lines in his default opening book.

In middle game, Nilatac use several algorithms mainly: Alpha-Beta , Proof-number and Pn^2.
In endgame, Nilatac have all 4 pieces tablebase.

So where can you take advantage on Nilatac?

Probably in middle game. To beat Nilatac, you’ll not just need to play good in middle game. First you’ll need to learn a lot of openings, because Nilatac use a lot of them. I think that Nilatac won most of his game in the opening. Nilatac is fair enough to tell you as soon as you are in a lost positions. So you’ll see a lot of « I got lucky« . If you survive after the opening, congrats! Now the important part of the game is coming. As soon the game « quit » the nilatac opening book, you must do the best move, but I know it’s hard to know which one is the best.

Some rules that you must follow:

  • Do not engage any Queen race. With the proof-number search algorithm, it’s sure that Nilatac will win.
  • Do not sacrifice your piece too quickly. This a general rule for any suicide game.
  • Push your pawn forward. Chess engine have bit difficulty to plan all promotion, but do it safely.
  • Take your time. You will probably loss in the next few move, so think carefully.
  • Avoid the endgame as long you can. I don’t know any human that remember all endgame positions with 4 pieces, but Nilatac does.
  • Even with those tips, you can’t manage to beat him? It’s normal, Nilatac have a higher ELO than any human on FICS. I suggest to play a lot against him in rated or unrated game, you’ll learn a lot. It may be take more than 250 games before a single win. To beat any high computer, I suggest longer time control, even if Nilatac propose only 3 0 games, you can challenge him with a longer time control, to give you time to think about your move.


    2 réflexions sur “How to win against (part4)

    1. Hehe I just beat nilatac for the first time. I didn’t read this post before (but we’ve discussed this quite a few times before anyway hehe).

      I just wanted to say, it took me 224 games if i count well. Also, everything you said is definately true. Watch out for queen races, he WILL rape you.

      Just a quick note, try not to stress too much when he says : »Those who are about to die salute you. »
      He’ll say it usually before you see the win, and will add some pressure on you.

      • I just beat it again, and this is not a april fool.

        But I agree, about the « Those who are about to die salute you » stress.
        When Nilatac told me that, I was like « hum… I don’t see any win ». So I think longer than usual for my next few moves, until I saw the win.


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