Several milestones reach at the same time

Today, it’s a special day…

First, in the opening book, there’s now more than 300 millions positions, and 45 millions of them have been calculated !! This is amazing, I often see check those number growing, but when I start to thinking to it: « This is huge! ». Again I will like to thanks anyone you run a Azor, suggest improvement, etc !

Second, 15% of all positions have been calculated. What this means? It’s means that we are moving closer to solve suicide chess. We are still very far, but at least we are moving in the good way.

Third, the suicide computer account StayAlive on FICS have reach the rating of 2600+. I didn’t program the engine itself, but since I had program some improvement for him, I’m proud to see his rating raising like this !

And fourth, it’s my birthday…


2 réflexions sur “Several milestones reach at the same time

  1. Happy birthday and congratulations on the milestones reached.

    For evaluating the progress towards solving suicide, it is the ratio between Won+Lost positions over all positions that is more relevant in my opinion.

    I think this ratio has been improving a lot lately, as more and more of the calculated positions are actually won or lost. When we had 40 million calculated positions, 34.1% of those were won or lost. I wonder what it is now.


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