How to win against (part 3)

Sjeng is probably the most popular suicide engine. Sjeng is available for Windows, and even Mac users. This engine have a small opening book, and 3 piece endgame tablebase.

Many suicide computer account on FICS have use Sjeng engine. Sjeng play quite different from other engine. Sjeng is way more defensive, waiting that the other player make a blunder.

Since he have 3 piece EGTB, it’s hard for a human to beat Sjeng in endgame. To beat Sjeng, you must do it before the endgame. The default opening book of Sjeng is quite small, so on some line when the game exit the opening book range, Sjeng make a blunder. You must take this opportunity. This happen sometimes , but not always.

Good news, you still can beat him.

In middle game, Sjeng often make some useless move, like moving his king back and forth between two square. You must put pressure on him, but without doing a blunder. At some point, when you will have put enough pressure, he’ll be in a hopeless position, where all his moves are lost.

Don’t forget, each game are different, and Sjeng is still a good suicide engine. So you need a lot of practice, and knowing very well your opening book to beat him.



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