Technical point of SuicideChess project.

In the whole project, I use many technical things (programming language, server, API, software etc ).
It’s time to make a list of all this.

Java is the main programming language that I use in this project. Some front-end can be easily see, like Azor. But even the back-end are made in this programming language.

With my Java code, I use some open-source API, like ICTK – Internet Chess ToolKit for some few things, like the SAN. And I use Trident API for some graphics elements.

The main database is a MySql one. With some tools provide by MySql like MySql query and MySql administrator.

The Web server is hosted by Slicehost, a great hosting platform. On the web server server, Apache is installed with PHP to provide the website. All this is on a Unbuntu distro.

The development web server is host on Windows, with the software EasyPHP installed.

To generate graphics in php , I use Artichow framework.

Like most chess engine, I use Winboard (Xboard) to connect Nessegrev to FICS

To code, I use two IDE, for java I use mostly Eclipse, and for php & css & JavaScript I use Crimson Editor. To my Eclipse IDE , I have add a lot of plug-in, the list is to long to write it down.

To create static graphic, I use GIMP.

I think it’s almost all I use for this project…


3 réflexions sur “Technical point of SuicideChess project.

  1. Could you describe the database structure a little? What information do you store in what tables and fields and what are the principal queries used?


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