Compressing suicide EGTB

A big problem with EGTB is their size.

When I start to do suicide EGTB, I know that I can apply symmetry to reduce the size, but it was hard to program. So I decide to let them big, because the need of EGTB was more important.

Now we have all EGTB up to 4 pieces, but the size is way to big to able to transfer them easily. 34.5 Gb is too big. So if I want to transfer them, or even think to generate 5 piece EGTB, I need first to reduce the size.

I finally apply the symmetry to them, and modify the reader to be able to read them. Here some fact

In Non-Compress form:
all 2 piece EGTB : 216 Kb
all 3 piece EGTB : 88.5 Mb
all 4 piece EGTB : 34.5 Gb

In Compress form:
all 2 piece EGTB : 66.7 Kb (reduction of 69%)
all 3 piece EGTB : 31.3 Mb (reduction of 64,6%)
all 4 piece EGTB : 9.94 Gb (reduction of 71%).

At this we can add regular compression like .zip , .bzip or .rar . I hope that will result in less than 1.5 Gb in total.

About 5 piece EGTB with symmetry it still about 2.3 Tb so even with .zip compression it will be about 221 Gb.

I wonder how Angrim was able to do 5 piece EGTB in about 57 Gb. I think I’m able to do a another symmetry reduction for EGTB with pawn, but even with that I will reach about 107 Gb.



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