How to win against (part 1)

Here the first part on how to win against a specific suicide chess engine.

No I won’t give a winning path, that you can re-use to win, but I’ll give some tips.

Today, suicide chess engine is nakshatra

nakshatra is a new suicide chess engine on FICS. This engine have been created by gpbhat. nakshatra is doing good, currently his rating is 2020. According to his finger’s note, he have a small opening book and no EGTB.

I played about 10 games against him, that’s not a lot but I already figure few tips to win. Even if his opening book is small, I didn’t saw any blunders in the opening. So first thing to do is avoid to play a lost opening. During middle game, try to keep your pieces, because since he didn’t have EGTB, he sacrifice his pieces too quickly. In most of my games against him lead to the endgame where nakshatra have only a pawn left, and I still have my king, a rook and some other pieces. In end game, it’s important to have more pieces than your opponent specially when he have only a pawn. During the time that he push his pawn forward, I have time to place my pieces / promote my pawns to be sure that any of his promotion will be lost. To be able to do that, you need to know well your endgame

Keep in mind that nakshatra is still at version 0.0, so I hope, he’ll improve in near future. I don’t know in which language nakshatra is coded or when he’ll have EGTB


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