Finally some news

Last few weeks, I didn’t program a lot, because some sickness. But now I’m back on track.

Today, I had release the version 16.6. Few changes , but nothing big. This afternoon, I found a bug in nessegrev / Azor that existed since the beginning. So a 16.7 will be release soon. Before this I have to test and make some choice like speed vs depth search.

I need to release a new update for StayAlive too, but that will be quick to do.

There’s so many things to do for suicidechess, I hope to do as much I can, before I got a real job.

I still have some future dream about suicide:
1- I wish to make a suicide engine that will merge nessegrev, with the Wizard engine. The wizard engine will provide more strategies in middle game, while nessegrev will bring his opening book, his quick way to find win path and his endgame play.
2-I wish to make a new nessegrev, that will be multi-core, to take advantage of new cpu
3-Finish a suicide applet to provide a web version of nessegrev.
4-If I got a better budget for suicidechess, I hope to remove the database of my personal computer to put it on maybe a Amazon service. This will provide a better stability and less latency, so this will help the speed of the website.
5-Provide even more services for any suiciders.

About suicide in general, I like to see that suiciders try more different opening. Recently I saw some interesting games between Amitj and Gasgo, most of them were 1.a3 opening. Even if this opening isn’t rate good on suicidechess and nilatac book, but this opening provide many nice middle game positions.

Hopefully I wish to see more high-ranked suiciders to participate to Fics suicide tourney, but I tend to agree with many of them, that 3 0 or 5 0 games are too short. Longer games are way more interesting.

Time to go back to jub-hunting…



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