So many news: Here we go

I’ll try to get this simple:

1- Nessegrev work fine, and recently it plays better then a sjeng engine! Hooray. I need to improve a little bit his opening book, then it’ll be the better suicide engine on FICS. Recently it’s not online very often because I need CPU power to generate the endgame table.

2- Azor, version 16.2, it’s stable and work very well, if my server didn’t crash. Still need few update, but nothing big.

3- Recently, I restart to work on the SuicideViewer. So many things to do and to correct before I’ll be able to release a new version. SuicideViewer was my first Java project after college. Since my programming skill greatly improve, so when I look back to SuicideViewer’s code, I see many things to correct.

4- Endgame table: Currently, I’m still generating the 4 pieces egtb. Everything goes fine, but this need a lot of CPU power. Hopefully, all 4 pieces egtb will be done in the next month. During this time, a new section will appear on the website, to let user to check endgame position.

5- A screen saver, comming soon. I made some breaktrought in programming a screensaver. The goal: provide a cute screensaver, for those you want to help us by computing some opening position but didn’t want to run an azor all day.

I’ll want to thanks everyone who run an Azor, that help a lot the opening section !


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