This week tourneys result

Let start with last Saturday tourney, the SOS.
Their was 12 players in this tourney, and Gasgo was back after 5 week off. Nice to see him again. But Shochu wasn’t there, so we got a chance to win.

I finished with a 5 / 5, the 1st place! But I must confess that I was lucky in my 3rd round’s game. I was clearly in a lost position, but Gasgo ran out of time. Except that, this game was wierd; a very defensive game, without any great move.

Here the scoring board:
Nettogrof 5.0/5.0
Megdan 3.5/5.0
Houarzhon 3.5/5.0
douthy 3.0/5.0
Gasgo 3.0/5.0
waynemcdougall 2.5/3.0
jgknight 2.5/4.0
TOMOG 2.5/4.0
fridayknights 2.5/4.0
yeelee 2.0/5.0
philk 2.0/5.0
lamlam 2.0/4.0

And Tuesday it was the Cyanide Sandwiches one. This week again, there was few players. Only the minimun players to play the tourney : 4 players. And 2 of them wasn’t regular suicide chess players. So nothing to tell about.
The standing :
Nettogrof 3.0/3.0
Houarzhon 2.0/3.0
BeanCounter 1.0/3.0
RraavviI 0.0/3.0



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